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We recently upgraded to the latest verion of cPanel to address some potential security concerns. This is a regular preventative measure to ensure that the cPanel software is as secure as it currently can be.

We subsequently discovered we were unable to upgrade some server software due to our systems being a little old. This presents no immediate problems but will eventually.

In order to ensure we can continue to apply all necessary security updates, we've decided to move to fresh, new hosting servers.

Hosting Server Upgrades

As a consequence of moving to new hardware, all of our hosting servers will be upgraded to feature:

  • Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Quadcore Haswell processors

    Still the same number of processor cores, but with more processing power.

  • 32GB DDR3 RAM

    4 times the amount of RAM, an increase from 8GB per server.

  • 200 Mbit throughput

    Twice the current data throughput, up from 100 Mbit.

Upgrade Plan

We've already provisioned new hosting servers and these are in the process of having all the relevant pieces of server software installed.

When ready, we'll first move our own hosting accounts over to new new servers and check that all is working as expected.

We will then be ready to move all user accounts to the new systems. We'll post regular updates regarding how this is going and will be in touch via email if we have any specific concerns or if there is anything specific that you need to do.