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Our new web hosting servers are up and running, which should be an end to our performance issues over the last few months.

The new servers are in a new data center. Due to this, the transfer of data from the old to the new web hosting servers can't be completely automatic.

As a Hosting Reborn customer, there are two things you'll need to do following the transfer of your hosting accounts:

  • Update web application database settings

    Web sites and web applications using databases will need to be pointed at your database on the new server instead of the old server.

    Change your database host from localhost or to

    This allows your web sites/applications to operate from both the old and new servers at the same time without any data loss. This is necessary as the relevant DNS changes will not be instant.

  • Update your domain's DNS settings

    If your nameservers are set to and, update these to:


    If you manage your own DNS, change to

Nothing needs to be changed just yet. This is just to let you know what to expect.

We will contact everyone via email before long to arrange a suitable account transfer time.

In the meantime, please contact if there's anything you need to know now.