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I'll just come out with it: Hosting Reborn will be closing down permanently at the end of January 2015.

I'd like to cover why this is happening and what you as a Hosting Reborn customer need to do.

Contacting us from now on

We were being increasingly inundated with abuse from our contact form in ways that made our support system unmanageable. Our support system has now been retired.

Please contact us on regarding any matter.

Why is the service closing down?

A number of small reasons have made me realise something important: my heart is not in it any longer.

In part I've become tired of dealing with spam and abuse in a couple of areas.

Human-generated abuse of our support form has led me to choose to ignore all support emails for some time. I admit this was a not a good choice, and one that I feel bad about, but I needed some time to figure things out.

Spam and abuse at the level of user hosting accounts is demanding too much of my time. User accounts may be running custom or third-party software that can lead to the account being compromised and used for malicious purposes. As the number of user accounts grow, this only gets worse. It has got to the point where I don't want to deal with it any longer.

Lastly, the service doesn't make enough money to make it worth my time dealing with the above. I'm not even sure there could be enough money to make me want to as my heart is not in it any longer.

In short, something I used to love and enjoy has become a chore and a source of stress. These past few weeks have been wonderfully calming for me and I need that to continue.

What do you need to do?

Every Hosting Reborn customer with active hosting accounts will have to find a new host. That's all that can happen.

We use cPanel to power all hosting accounts. This is a very, very popular web hosting management system and there are plenty of web hosts that also use cPanel.

Moving to another cPanel-powered web host is a straightforward process. Any new cPanel-powered web host will be able to import a hosting account from us so long as you provide them with the correct hosting account username and password.

What will we do?

We're no longer accepting any new accounts and we're no longer charging for use of the service.

I will firstly deal with any new accounts created in the past few weeks and see that anyone who created an account but was unable to use the service receives a full refund.

I'll then close down customer accounts that have no active hosting accounts and that have no credit. You will receive an email directly if this applies to you.

I will lastly close remaining customer accounts as and when all relevant hosting accounts have been closed.

Refunds will not automatically be made available.

I'll issue regular notices to customers to ensure that everyone is able to move their hosting accounts safely before the service is shut down.