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I mentioned recently our plans to move to new hosting servers.

I stated in a related email announcement that no mail will be lost as mail ending up at one of the old servers will be routed automatically to the relevant new server. This is still true and your email will not get lost.

Whilst no email will be lost (I've spent the last two days testing out various scenarios), you might think some email as gone astray as you may be looking in the wrong place for your email when you think you're looking in the right place.

Here's how you can ensure no interruptions occur to your email service during the move.

Check Your Mail Account Settings Now

If you use Hosting Reborn for your email, both your incoming and outgoing mail servers should be set to either your domain or your mail subdomain.

For me, that would be either or For you, replace with the domain name in your email address.

If you are using any other server name for your incoming or outgoing mail server, it is working but conincidence not by design. Unless, of course, you're intentionally using another mail service and know what you're doing.

Check your mail client's server settings now. If either the incoming or outgoing mail server address is anything other than the domain name in your email address (optionally preceded by mail.) and you're not using a third-party mail service, change your settings now.

Please contact us if you're in doubt.

Updating Your Mail Server Settings Immediately After The Move

After your own hosting accounts have been moved I will send you an email directly detailing what you need to do or look out for.

You may not get that email straight away if you're looking in the wrong place for email when you think you're looking in the right place.

Here's what you need to look out for when it comes to email to be sure that you get the email that we send you.

At present, the global DNS system tells your computer to look on the current (soon to be old) Hosting Reborn servers when you want to receive new messages.

Immediately after the move, the global DNS system will know no different. Although we will update your DNS records to indicate that your email now lives on the new Hosting Reborn servers, it will take some time for every Internet service to notice the change.

This is how you may end up looking in the wrong place for your email when you think you're looking in the right place.

Eventually things will sort themselves out and after a few hours or perhaps a day (it really depends on your Internet provider) but during this time you may not be receiving any new emails as all new emails will be patiently waiting on the new servers whilst you're looking on the old servers.

If you think you're not receiving new messages immediately after the move, you may need to tell your email client to look directly on the new Hosting Reborn servers (instead of letting the global DNS system figure this out for you).

In this respect you've got two options. The first is for advanced users, the second is for everyone else:

  1. Set up a local hosts file entry mapping your incoming mail server hostname to I am intentionally not going to explain that. If that makes no sense it is not the option for you.

  2. Make a note of your current incoming mail server address and change it to A couple of days later you can change it back to what it was. This is likely your best option.

There is actually a third option: do nothing. Things will sort themselves out eventually. Your email will not be lost, just waiting.

Getting In Touch If You Have Concerns

Please contact us if you have any concerns about your email immediately after your hosting accounts have been moved.

If you need to do so, make sure to remember something very important: if you are having problems receiving email and you get in touch using the very same email address, you may not receive our replies.

If you do need to get in touch about your email after your hosting accounts have been moved, please use an email address not hosted by us so that we can be sure you will receive our replies. You can easily get a free GMail address which would be fine.