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You can't currently choose your own password for your Hosting Reborn account. It might sound a bit ridiculous, but we're only looking after your interests.

Your account should be safe and is only as safe as the password. We decided from day one that if we can't let you choose your own password and whilst ensuring it's suitably secure, we'll just stick to generating a secure password for you. Inconvenient but secure.

Choosing your own password - nearly there

We're close to releasing the option to let you choose your own password. It's taken a long time and we've put a lot of effort into investigating what it means for a password to be secure and how to check if what you choose is going to do the trick.

Here's what the interesting part of the password reset form looks like on our development system:

Beta password reset with automatic strength checker

You get realtime feedback on the strength of your password as you type, as well as the option of letting us generate a secure password for you.

Hopefully we'll see this go live in the next couple of weeks, along with a selection of behind-the-scenes updates to make it easier for us to make things easier for you in a way that you'll never actually notice.